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FARGO HDP5000 Card Printer & Encoders
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Superior print quality, higher reliability and durability, greater security - your ID cards can have all these qualities when you produce them with the affordable and versatile HDP5000 Card Printer/Encoders.
  • High Definition Printing™ gives you superior print quality, even on cards with embedded electronics, for a more impressive public image.
  • Affordable pricing makes High Definition Printing available to card printer buyers everywhere.
  • High reliability and durability lowers your total cost of ownership. Backed by a lifetime printhead warranty and two-year warranty on the entire printer.
  • Versatile modular design changes with your needs. You can easily upgrade to dual-sided printing, single- or dual-sided lamination and card encoding technologies.
  • Simple operation requires only minimal training. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates come in cartridges that load in a snap.


The standard HDP5000 printer/encoder comes with a comprehensive list of features. Ideal for technology cards with embedded electronics, it reliably produces cards in High Definition with the highest image quality available. The HDP5000 expands easily with additional printing, laminating and encoding modules.


  1. Optional single-sided or simultaneous dual-sided lamination for higher card security.
  2. Dual-sided card printing option expands printable area without manually reloading cards.
  3. SmartScreen LCD Control Panel displays helpful status messages and prompts.
  4. Cartridge-based card handling allows faster reloading or changing to different card stocks.
  5. High yield ribbon, film and overlaminate load fast and eliminate the waste of torn materials.
  6. Encoding options handling magnetic stripe, proximity, contact and contactless smart cards.
  7. USB and Ethernet connectivity plus internal print server for secure network printing.



FIPS 201 Compliant

Working with federal security standards

When President Bush issued Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) in August 2004, he set in motion a concerted effort by the US government to define new standards for highly secure personal identification cards.

If your secure ID projects must now comply with emerging Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standards such as FIPS 201, call Fargo. The HDP5000 printer/encoders are an ideal choice for meeting federal security requirements. In fact, they are on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) FIPS 201 Approved Product List. With Fargo’s High Definition Printing™ Technology built-in, the HDP5000-LC and HDP600 both offer reverse-image film printing that’s tamper-evident and difficult to alter or forge. In addition, the HDP5000-LC and HDP600 can add overlaminates with holographic images, and encode a variety of technology cards with embedded electronics — including access control and biometric data storage.

Remember also that HID’s dedication to identity security goes far beyond printing and encoding ID cards. Our exclusive SecureMark® Technology helps protect your entire ID card issuance process, from the secure storage and tracking of card-making materials, to password-controlled printer access. After all, an ID card is only as secure as the system that issued it. And secure ID card issuance is a central part of the emerging PIV standards.


FIPS201 Secure Card Holders


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HDP5000 Card Printer/Encoders


Is the HDP5000 the right card printer/encoder for your personalized credential applications?

Take a look through the HDP5000's systems, features and specs, then consider these points:

    1. High Definition Printing™ technology

    Fargo HDP® — High Definition Printing — is the new standard for producing ID cards with outstanding image quality, reliability, durability and security.

    2. Functionality

    The next generation of smart card applications takes advantage of both a card's portability and ability to interact with digital systems.

    The HDP5000 prints and encodes multifunction cards in high definition for applications such as:

    • Physical and Logical Security — High Definition cards protect high-security facilities and authorize access to secure networks and PCs.
    • Personal Information — Smart cards can securely store data and ensure accurate ID for health care, entitlement programs and time and attendance.

    3. Durability

    Applying a holographic overlaminate or holographic HDP Film to the front of an ID card improves its durability and security. An overlaminate on both sides doubles the protection. The HDP5000 lamination module laminates both sides of a card simultaneously in one efficient pass.

    4. Security

    HDP cards are also very secure and tamper-evident. If a counterfeiter tries to peel apart the card layers, the printed image is obviously damaged. But remember than an ID card is only as secure as the system that issued it. Fargo offers hardware and software options that help you reduce vulnerabilities throughout the card issuance process, from storing blank ribbons to password-protecting printers.

    5. Integration

    So who can you trust to help you put all of this together? Trust the real-world expertise of an authorized Fargo integrator. Authorized Fargo integrators are a critical part of your entire card identity system — the people who make everything work and help you keep it secure. Fargo Professional Services works in tandem with your authorized Fargo integrator to provide expertise and product customization for large, sophisticated card identity systems.